why I’m here…and what I’m actaully doing

why I’m here…and what I’m actually doing
I’m not even sure I’m doing this right or who will read this…and I guess that’s okay…I’ve always wanted to–to tell stories–ever since I can remember…but was discouraged–with the dictate (from my father): no-body in this family can make a living from writing, and you have to make a living so you can’t write…pretty harsh–and that was my father’s experience of the world–one that I try to get away from. I mean no disrespect–I just think that life’s not that black and white, and there are more opportunities out there than a bleak  all or nothing…which I guess is why I’m here. Last year–as sometimes happens–my job fell apart. At the time, I was working on an earnest writing project with a consultant  (about ten years earlier–I rediscovered how important writing was to me–and gave myself permission to work systematically); and all of a sudden–I didn’t have the energy to concentrate on it. Instead, my writing took a fanciful turn, and I began writing a novella (54-55 pages) which I would describe as fantasy/humorous. The log line (at one point I was actually trying to write screenplays!) is: Against her better judgment, a woman summons her childhood cowboy hero in order to teach her what it means to be a hero in her own life.  A friend suggested that it might make an ebook– a fun read–to help people relax after a hard day, etc. And–dare I say?–“the rest is history”…Actually, it’s not all that dramatic…i worked on it with my consultant, and now have a final draft–even a title– ” Wanted: Passionate Hero” with the words at an angle just beneath it–as if stamped on–“Experience preferred”. I’m  waiting on some possible sketches for the cover, and then hope to get together with a friend with a background in design—to get the cover done. I had a lot of fun writing “Passionate Hero” and hope that people have fun reading it. It also suggests to me an intriguing  theme. At the time, I was writing it, I didn’t feel like a much of a hero in my own life–and what does that mean anyway? In my cowboy’s hero’s world, it’s simple, straight forward; and his idea of a hero doesn’t exactly transfer into my world..as we both find out… I’m anxious to get it finished; and I’ve been very busy lately. I did get a new job; and though it suits me better–it’s a lot more work–less time to write.  And I am coming up to some holiday time–first week of March–so I’m hoping to spend the time–working on my writing–working on the ebook cover, making some connections with other writers, setting up a website,etc. Which is why I’m here…my consultant suggested–this was a good place to start…and I’m glad to have the opportunity–even if I’m not exactly sure of which i’m doing mcpiper

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