follow up

I’ve been getting used to the site, and blogging–something totally new for me. I finally did find where I’m posted; and immediately went into–nobody’s reading this–and not surprising–I don’t have any pictures or inspiring story to tell…and I know–it’s a process–it takes time–at least for me–to get used to something, and  really get into it. Right now, just getting something  “out there” is–I have to admit–is an accomplishment for me.

Re: my ebook “Wanted: Passionate Hero (Experience Preferred),  I’m still waiting on (possible)  illustrations for my book cover.  It was helpful for me to read that ebook covers can be a challenge for a lot of  writers–so  it’s not “just me” ( a bad habit that I can get into) and I can let things unfold as they may, realizing that it’s all a new learning curve for me…

I have felt inspired by the stories I’ve read about people who have followed their dreams  and are now full time authors.  My goals are more modest: I’d love to be able to write even some of the time; if I could get into the ebook market–even in a relatively small way– I could work less at my “day job” and have more time to do what I love–fiction writing…



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