I finally got around to giving my blog some background–I must admit–I dismissed the whole background section when I saw that some of them asked for money. Not that I’m all that poor–but I still still not comfortable with buying things online–if it involves using my VISA card. I tend to agree with the fellow in a local computer show–who said–quite frankly–there’s no system–that in the end–can’t be hacked. And I know there are prepaid cards that you can put a certain amount of money on, and use as a credit card to buy online. I need to look at getting one. Yet another learning.curve.

Another learning curve…I was talking to a work colleague yesterday; and he suggested that there was no reason that I couldn’t work in my profession full time and still have time to write. My response to that was–I’ve never known in my profession to do that and have a life beyond the job. It doesn’t mean to say–I can’t decide to do things differently.  In fact, the people I’m most directly in contact on the job–are sensible people–they might be quite open to my very modest  “double life”.  And I’m aware that the one thing that did transfer from my cowboy hero’s  world– in my novella  Wanted: “Passionate Hero (Experience Preferred)”–was this idea of coming to a sense of doing what is right, and doing  it–regardless of what other people do. Not in an arrogant way (I’m right, you’re wrong!) but simply as a matter of course. And it seems to be a lot easier for my cowboy hero to do it in his world–than it is for me to do it in mine!




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