I wanted to talk a bit about who I am and why I’m here on this blog. To that end, I filled in the public profile, assuming that somehow–it would appear on the blog, And I guess it doesn’t–or if it does–not in a way I can access at the moment…and I realize that’s not to say it isn’t there, or couldn’t be put there…however in an attempt to be gentle with myself (this for me is a whole new world, one in which I could get obsessed on one  technical detail, and spend hours getting nowhere on it )  I decided to do the old paste and cut and put the profile on my blog…that I can (hopefully) do..

Who I am

I’m older, and –as long as I can remember–fiction writing has been my passion. I was discouraged from doing it, however, because it was seen as being impractical.
Recently I completed a 55 page novella with the idea of publishing it as an ebook. The writing consultant that has worked with me on it–enthusiastically agrees. So now–it’s onto creating an appealing ebook cover and going through the actual process of submitting the book in the right form. 
The genre I’m writing in surprises me–fantasy. And the 
origins of this particular book even more– I wrote it at a time of crisis when I couldn’t concentrate on my more “serious” writing. And although it’s humorous (and I trust a good story), I found within a theme: What does it mean to be a hero? 
And I believe I’ve found my “niche”: writing novella length fantasy stories, with (hopefully) engaging characters that somehow touch on the theme: what does it mean to live this life in human form? to be human? 
Not that there are any set answers, of course…That’s the first “rule”…


It worked!…not to get  this posted…



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