The Big Idea: Guy Gavriel Kay

The Big Idea: Guy Gavriel Kay.

I hesitate to respond, as I’m not sure I have any business doing so.  I’m a writer who has just finished a novella that I’m hoping to put out as an ebook.   I’m older, having spent most of my time  in a  “traditional” career, and I find myself writing in the fantasy genre–which for me is odd–and yet,  it seems to be the genre in which I can say what I need to say.

And I can certainly identity with the idea of exile. But in a much different way.  I haven’t had to flee my homeland (an aside: I know where Weyburn, Sask is)  but I have felt that I’ve had to leave myself behind when, say— dealing with the bureaucratic nature of  my job for example …In fact, this whole idea of being myself and earning a living  became a major theme in the novella/ebook…  The title of  the(soon-to-be)  ebook, being “Wanted: Passionate Hero”–with a subtitle which appears as a stamp over it–“Experience Preferred”.   It’s about an older woman, Marcy who, against her better judgement  summons her childhood cowboy hero to show her what it means to be a hero in her own life.

And she discovers that being a hero in her own life involves being who she is and doing what she senses is the next right thing–not always an easy thing to do when others on the job see things differently… I enjoyed using the fantasy genre to write the story–the cowboy hero(plus two other characters) end up in the  Marcy’s world…and need-less-to-say what works in the cowboy’s hero’s world doesn’t always work in hers…

And so my experience of exile may not be on such a grand scale, and yet it’s one that’s powerful for me…and I expect other people can identify with it, too…and I guess–I just put my toe into the water–so to speak–when it comes to writing in this genre…but maybe–that’s okay, too





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