A thanks…some NEWS…and an odd thing that happened..

First of all, I want to thank my friend, Eileen, for the story that she put on my blog. It’s a story from her heart, written about getting the news of  father’s death;and the image of her mother doing the unthinkable–ripping apart the baby’s flannel nightgown–is so powerful, so evocative…that’s what writing’s all about… And…

And I also have some news..!Image

“WANTED:PASSIONATE  HERO, Experience Preferred ” is now in Kindle Books…Just go to Amazon/Kindle, type in the title and it’s there. It’s hard for me to believe !

A reminder about the story: In the middle of a job crisis, Marcy Wilkins finds herself  watching her childhood cowboy hero, Trace Gallant  on You Tube.   Imagine her surprise when a computer worm allows her to enter Trace’s world; and then allows Trace, the villain Grimley St.Clair, and the saloon girl Lili  to enter hers.  Trace agrees to teach Marcy what it means to be a hero in her own life…though what works in Trace’s world doesn’t always work in hers…and he does help her–very much so…with some surprising input from Lili.  It’s a fun read, with gentle humour and a lot of heart…

Hope you take a look!

And finally anyone who’s been following me from the beginning may notice–that there’s been a slight change in my cowboy hero’s name.  It was originally “Trey Gallant”.  However when I goggled Trey Gallant I discovered that there’s a writer using that name–a writer’s whose works–I’m not at all comfortable with–and  I don’t want anyone  thinking there might be some sort of connection between him and this story.  Thus the name change…It’s a fairly minor change; and I was glad when my editor Julie M. Rodriguez approving  the change, added  that she’d have trouble thinking of  the main character by his new name–as will I. She also pointed out that when giving a new character a name–best to google it first!  Something I never thought about but will certainly do next time…

Thanks for reading

M.C. Piper


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