Back again

It’s been awhile–partly due the busy-ness of my “day” job, and partly because I’ve been doing other  things–in order to get “Passionate Hero”  out there.  I’m aware that I enjoyed writing it and put it out on Kindle–in the hope that some others  might  enjoy reading it, too.

And of course with a million plus books on Amazon/Kindle–some actual novels written by well known writers–there hasn’t been  a  flurry of attention paid to “Passionate Hero” .  I tell myself–that’s to be expected–and really I just want to call people’s attention to the fact that it’s there–if it interests them.    Julie M. Rodriguez  worked with me as a consultant/editor on “Passionate Hero” (I put her name on the book because without her, I never would have gotten it  finished in a readable form).   Younger than I am ( most people seem to be these days!),  she  really liked the story herself, and assured me that she saw it an appealing to all ages.  That was certainly helpful, as I was afraid it’s nostalgic vent–the idea of looking back to a childhood cowboy for “advice”–might rule  out anyone younger.

And so where to go from here?   I’ll continue putting “Passionate Hero” out there, of course.  And I need another focus. Once more Julie has come to my rescue. She suggests–getting started on my next novella.  Even before I  put  “PH” on Kindle, I had decided on writing a series of novellas based on the organization that the heroine Marcy Wilkins works for.  It’s the Kootenai Brown Personal Advertising Agency, where the staff help their clients: “Be all  they can be…and let the world know.”    In Marcy’s case, she’s on the edge, needing help herself to be all she can be.  And thus, a  Trickster–type character,  Adolphus Cornelius Cartwight–ACC- sends her a computer worm… which allows her to  become  involved  in her cowboy hero’s world, and she in his–and she learns what she needs to know.

In the next novella, the heroine who needs ACC’s help –at least at this time– will be Connie Butt,  a mousy Charlotte Bronte-type character.   She’s a  “failed” writer–unable to make a living writing; but she writes well, can boost others, do good copy for them; and so she’s perfect working for KB, bringing out the best in others and letting the world know.  But when it comes to her own life–putting herself forward as the writer she longs to be–Connie is at a loss.  She hides behind others and is afraid of being found out–for the fraud that she feels she is.  (I came up with such clear ideas after a consultation session with Julie–I’d highly recommend a consultant or someone to bounce ideas off–it’s so important for me…)

Connie’s hero will be more classic, though troubled–like Rochester, or  the Cyrano de Begerac  character.  Dashing–but haunted; swashbuckling but a poet/philosopher who’s haunted by this own imperfections, and the corruption of the world around him.  I have some ” ideas”  about him, but I have not put the flesh and bones on him–to make him a real character, someone who is alive, acting and responding  in the world around him.  To get from “ideas” to a solid flesh and blood character–that for me is the real challenge in writing

Just some thoughts

Thanks for reading

M.C. Piper


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