Write about it / it may be just what you need

Recently I’ve finished an article for my writing consultant’s website–she’s doing a final edit. 

The gist of the article can be summed up:

“And I’ve  learned something very important about writing.  If an obstacle—such as job loss- appears don’t despair. Write about it,  in whatever way you can, as I did.  A good chance to be creative and it  could turn out to be exactly what you need to go forward”

I talk in the article about how I actually ended up writing “WANTED: PASSIONATE HERO, Experience Preferred”  that way–a job loss  meant  I had to let go of my more “serious writing” and write a humorous novella, based on  desire to escape to the fancy world of my childhood cowboy hero, so readily available on Youtube. 

And now–I find the need to continue to follow that advice.

I’m starting a second novella in what’s turned  to be (hopefully) a series.

I’m using the employment milieu of “Passionate Hero”. Marcy Wilkins, the protagonist,  works for the “Kootenai Brown Personal Advertising Agency” in which she helps the clients be “all they can be, and let the world know” . The only problem–she’s not being all she can be in her life; and thus, a Trickster character –Adolphus Cornelius Cartwright( ACC)– appears and  (through a computer worm)  allows her to enter her fantasy world, and then have the cowboy hero (with two other characters) come into hers. Through the interaction between the two worlds, she learns what she needs to know, along the way–encountering some pretty interesting characters,too.

I like the idea that ACC’s mission is to help other employees  who are  also struggling with “being all they can be” , and he does it in a similar way.

And so in the next novella–the protagonist is Connie Butt, and her preferred fantasy world involves a 18th century city where her hero (whose name I haven’t decided yet) is a Byronic hero–moody, broody, yet honorable, chivalrous; values integrity and independence above all else, whose larger–than–life world she craves to be part of.  I’ve been reading biographies about Charlotte Bronte, and her world; re-watching 1990 French movie, Cyrano De Bergerac with Gerard Depardieu; and am looking at reading some of Lord Byron’s  poetry.  Connie is attracted to this world because while she’s good at helping her clients “be all they can be, and let the world know”, but when it comes to her own life–and her passionate desire to put herself and her writing forward–she just can’t do it.

And now–this  morning– I have time to write, and I found myself obsessing about work. I found myself thinking I can’t write; and then I remembered my dictate/discovery: when you encounter an obstacle, write about it; it may just be what ( I )need…

And sure enough it is. What’s coming up for me–at work–are all these  possibilities/suggestions, maybe even expectations that are just overwhelming. And I can write about it  creatively through Connie’s story.

She, too, is  helping people be all they can be (that’s not exactly how I’d describe my “day” job; and there’s a strong element of giving support to others involved in it); and also struggling with not giving herself up in the process.  It’s interesting–being a Victorian woman,  Charlotte  Bronte was schooled in…”Bend inclination to duty…stifle (your) instincts…and do what others expect of (you)…”

Connie also find within herself a stifling sense of duty that she now applies to her job. Now, one of the things I especially like about  the  modern Charlotte Bronte biography is that the writer does point out Charlotte’s part in what’s going on; and of course, that’s true for Connie, too. Maybe she simply needs to be definite about who she is, and what she can do and cannot do in the work situation; or maybe she needs to leave Kootenai Brown altogether.

Now how a Byronic hero might help her here–is a good question. Would a moody brooding mate, involved with high ideals, constantly fighting with those who would bring him down, would he be able to say: “How was your day, dear?”…and support her in doing what she needs to do?

More will be revealed

Thanks for reading

M.C. Piper



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