How I learned how to stop being so serious and write something fun…

Sorry–I haven’t posted for  awhile. It’s not that I haven’t been writing; it’s just that summer, vacation, now back to work–that has been where my life has been. And I must be honest–I’m older and blogging isn’t something  I fall naturally into–it requires exercising “new muscles” for me–and I realize–I need to get in there and just do it.

The title of the post  is actually the title of the article that  I wrote for “Renegade Word”, the website that Julie M Rodriguez, my consultant and editor, co-sponsors. (If you like to read it, it’s at http://www.renegadeword. com,  under Archives–June 2013) Basically it’s about how I, as a so so serious writer,  found myself in a job crisis situation, and the only writing I felt I could do–was a humorous/fantasy story which became “WANTED PASSIONATE HERO: Experience Preferred”. I was aware that this wasn’t   “serious” writing –my “research” was  watching   Youtube videos of a old western show I used to watch as a kid– but I loved doing it.  And I believe there would people out there who’d enjoy reading PASSIONATE HERO too.

Recently, I’d thought about approaching a fan site of the actor who played the character the cowboy hero, Trace Gallant is based on, and see if they’d feel comfortable about me putting something about it on the website. If so, I certainly would love to do so.

And I’m aware that this isn’t the only direction I want to go in. I mentioned in a previous post that I want to write a series of novellas based on the employment agency that the heroine of PASSIONATE HERO works in. The heroine works for the Kootenai Brown personal advertising agency–where she teaches clients to “be all they can be…and let the world know…” The only problem is that she isn’t being all she can be herself… and seeks to escape into the fantasy world of her childhood cowboy hero as a result.   A Trickster character, ACC,  allows her not only to enter Trace’s  world, but also has him (and two other characters)   come into her world. And it’s in this crossing between the two worlds–which often are at odds with each other—that allows  the heroine Marcy to learn what she needs to know.

As so I’m starting another novella  with the  heroine Connie Butt who as a “failed” writer who decides to “peddle” her talks in a more “practical way”–i.e. working for KB, helping the clients “be all they can be”….only she isn’t all she can be either… so she tries to escape into the fantasy world of the noble Xavier–a Cyrano De Bergerac type character

It’s good fun…and I’m aware I must go…

Thanks for reading


M.C. Piper



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