fantasy writing as a way of being in the world

I’m sitting in a coffee shop, trying to work on my writing and obsessing  over a request from a group that I recently joined. It’s not an unreasonable request; and it does involve doing something new, something that I consciously decided not to do.  It wouldn’t be so bad, if I didn’t feel overwhelmed by requests at work:  everybody, it seems, wants me to fit into their plans; and  “nice” person as I am, I usually try…and I just don’t need another thing–to try to be doing differently…in order to fit in…

And I don’t like being victim–I believe that in everything that happens–I have a part in it…

And that’s where fantasy writing comes in for me…

I see it as a  way for me to write about what’s happening in a way that’s creative ;and also in a way gives me another perspective.  In both “Passionate Hero” and the novella that I’m now writing (“Agincourt”) the heroines, Marcy and Connie respectfully, seek to escape from their lives into fantasy worlds.  The only problem is that, when Connie, for example, escapes into the 17th century world of Agincourt,  she finds that  although the issues she is dealing with her life (e.g. saying  what she needs to say so that she can be who she is,etc)  seem to dealt with by her hero, Xavier–in a larger than life way–   his way of doing things–and his world in general–don’t fit for her.  It’s only when Xavier travels back with her into her world and tries to help her deal with the issue–however ineptly– that she gets the help she needs to get on with her life…

And so I can deal with the issue of  people pleasing–trying to fit in where I feel it’s “expected” of me–by (possibly) giving the same issue to Connie, and have her work it out with the help of Xavier–in a way that’s creative, and fun. It helps me not to obsess about it–even have fun with it–and be less reactive about the aforementioned request…

Thanks for reading

M.C. Piper


One comment on “fantasy writing as a way of being in the world

  1. Liz Betz says:

    Hello mcpiper – I read your posts and felt like I was right inside the writer’s mind as you mulled over the story(s) that you were writing/ had written. It makes for interesting reading. Or at least this writer thinks so.

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