where is this story going?

I’m aware that I haven’t blogged in awhile and though I seem to have problems typing this morning–I’m re-typing more than actual typing–I’m here  to reflect  bit on my writing process, and how I hope it fits into my life in general.  I ask: where is this story going?  and  I could very well ask  of my job…where is this going?….or my life in general…where is it going?

And I’m aware that–for me– they are all connected.   In the current story–I’m working on–the heroine Connie  wants  to escape  into the world of a  Cyrano-type  Xavier (loosely based on the Gerard Depardieu movie).    Through entering that world and coming back again–with some of the fantasy characters in tow–she learns what she needs to know about herself and where to go from here…And the issues that Connie are facing are of course the ones that I’m currently facing in the work situation….I had some interesting “feed back” about my job that suggested that I could  more of what I love to–on it, despite the  “demands” that seem to pull me in other directions.. .Sounds hopeful… And then this morning I received a request–to do yet another thing tomorrow–a small thing but something that given all the things on my schedule tomorrow–makes me wonder–where is this job going?  can I really do all of this?  I’m aware that someone could say: this is just what people in my profession this morning are expected to do these days…and my response is: maybe so but it’s just “not me”…

And that  sense of it’s just “not me”…is where Connie also ends up a lot of the time.  She’s a frustrated writer and even wonders at times–what she’s doing on the job–although she’d admit–there are aspects of that she enjoys, and she suspects that the job– is “more ‘part of me’ than I realize.”   Having said that, she finds herself in unfamiliar territory–in a new situation that reflects the changing times–where everything seems to be an adjustment to the “new normal”.  What to do?  Does the fact that it’s “not me” mean that she should leave, and go off and just write?  Or is it simply a  challenge to venture outside her comfort zone and “become all she can be”? (The motto of the agency she works for) …

I can see myself working out these themes in the story…

I’m also aware I that I’ve in the process of creating  two other characters in Xavier’s world–the villianous Le Blanc, and the mysterious Morgana who ,deemed as a traitor is banished to the outer reaches of the forest.  Either of these characters could easily “derail” the story in that they both raise a lot more issues than Connie is addressing at her work place…And right now my “plan” is to work on the story as Connie’s story…and if Leblanc and Morgana  “require” another story or two– to tell their story and deal with the issues they raise–so be it…

Thanks for reading

M.C. Piper


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