fun idea…that’s going nowhere…

One of my frustrations as a writer is  that I constantly come up with fun ideas–that I know will never go anywhere…I’ve sent enough unsolicited material to producers, etc. over the years to know that it doesn’t work: I’ve never had one “bite”. And while on occasion I still do send it– thinking what do I have to lose?–there are other things(like the idea below)that  I just  have to accept–fun as it is–this is as far as it will go…No-body’s waiting in the wings to develop it …or even look at it–if I do the developing..


It’s a comedy…about the descendants of a well known TV western family….

Pseudo Reality Show   Bev Cartwright  “The Nevada Pines”

A direct descendant of “the” Cartwrights, Bev Cartwright 50 lives on small ranch, a pie wedge of land that overlooks Lake Tahoe.

A conservationist, who’s passionate about her land, she runs some horses and –other people off it– on a regular basis. Struggling to make ends meet (if Bev is stay on her land at  the Lake Tahoe shoreline, she needs to direct the horse straight ahead  into the water—if it moves  to one way or another, she’s trespassing.), she finally agrees to be on TV reality show with her family. The only other alternative would be to sell the ranch. That would bring in top dollar from investors and she’s not prepared to do that.

She tells the interviewer about  the ranch :

“A Cartwright’s been on this land well nigh over 150 years.’Course it was hard the first generation or so—the sons couldn’t marry, their perspective wives always dying off. It was known as the “Cartwright curse”.  Finally Great Great Great Grandma Cartwright arrived. She married the youngest when he was 50, managed to avoid all the pitfalls and mysterious illnesses; and actually buried her husband before she gave birth to a daughter—unheard of in the family before that time.  After that the family flourished.”

“Though,” she adds, “the one stipulation for  Cartwright women is that they  can only marry men with the name Cartwright. That’s why I never married my children’s fathers.They weren’t Cartwrights. But it’s just as well.  I would have ended up divorced three times. As it is, I can honestly say–I’ve never been married…And now there’s a new ” Cartwright curse”–none of my children will leave home!

The Cartwright “children” are:
Adrian, 30, is a still working on a PhD at a local College—having changed major three times. His father is Joe Biggar, a Native American who went back home to start a Casino.
Adrian is philosophical, studious, with a flair for technology—sure that what he’s onto—is the thing that’s going to get him launched into a career, or whatever. Except that he can never settle on anything. He’s also gay.

Henry, 27,  is the  second son, result of an affair between Bev and an erring Lutheran minister from Wisconsin, Bjorg  Jensen. After a “downfall” in the Nevada night life scene, the minister “reforms”  and flees  back to his former life.
Henry is big, lovable,  and  sucker for beautiful girls, whom he believes at all costs.This has gotten him into all sorts of trouble, and landed him in various 12 step groups. He also works as a Bouncer—though he’s constantly getting fired—as he’s a sucker for anyone’s hard luck story.

Josie, 24, is the youngest. Her father is African American jazz musician,Lee Dejour who came to Vegas to work.  Jessica is impulsive,  romantic, and  an excellent horsewoman. She often gets into trouble, with Adrian and Henry coming to the rescue. She’s also pulled by her love of music—she’s a talented singer—can’t decide between the ranch, and the life of a musician in New Orleans.

Of course all three fathers  turn up from time to time.

And  finally:

Victor Lam—a Chinese business man comes to make money in Nevada. He invests in  in Liz’s ranch—with the hope she’ll fail and he will get  50% of the profit from the land sale. A nice chunk of change.
But he ends up—supporting Bev in all her projects—against his better judgment…

The nice thing about blog is that–at least–I can put my idea out here…

Any other ideas of what I could do with it?

Thanks for reading

M.C Piper


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