And now for something completely different…

There are times in your life–at least in mine–where things shift…and things are going to ever be quite the same afterwards. Work wise–that has happened to me. And while I admit: it could very well be the best thing that could happen(in fact I got a bonus work wise that I thought I’d never get, which may even help me with my writing)– still the way it happened, I honestly would have preferred a less “advantageous” out come. And I’m not going to “look a gift horse in the mouth”–no apologies for accepting fully whatever the situation gives me.
The above explains why I haven’t been blogging; and why now, when I think of coming back to, I’m not going to–initially at least–go to where I left off. Instead, I decided to try something fun. It all started when I was watching “Date Night” (which I enjoyed); and in the scene where the criminals are threatening to shot the Porters at the beginning, I thought: what if they actually followed through on that?.. movie over. That got me to thinking. One of my favourite novels is: Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope. Re-reading it, I thought: “Archdeacon Grantly is made Bishop of Barchester”–and that’s that. No need for the rest of the book. I also like Anna Karenina; and of course that book-ender would be: Anna’s husband, Alexi Karenine, dies of some mysterious illness.
The book-ender wouldn’t have to be that obvious. In Jane Eyre, for example, Edward Rochester, upon arriving in the West Indies (in the back story) would have been so appalled by slavery that he wouldn’t have married his first wife for her fortune; rather he would have become an abolitionist, dedicating himself to that cause.
Or in Wuthering Heights. After the death of his father, Hindley Earnshaw could come back to the Heights, a calmer, more sensible man. Deciding to let bygones be bygones, he doesn’t take revenge on Heathcliff He lets Catherine and Heathcliff pursue their relationship;and for himself and his wife–they expand their acquaintances in the area to include a number of normal-type people so the marriage pool for the next generation doesn’t include only sickly cousins and with revenge seeking fathers…

Of course, I wouldn’t suggest that any of these classics should change. The choices their characters make and the circumstances are what makes the stories hauntingly timeless…and it is fun–just to think: what if…?

Just some thoughts

M.C. Piper


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