Writing myself out of a funk

 Lots has been going on lately; and though I did some work on my second novella earlier this week,  when I sat down to do some writing this morning– I found  myself preoccupied with other things.  Not surprising I guess…although I do like to see my writing as being intimately connected with my life, as  a way of  creatively exploring in depth the issues that I experience day to day.  And I have a  lot to explore just now…  with being let go from my job and being told–in part– that the other people were  “too nice” to tell me how it wasn’t working out for them.  I realize that  I’m “nice”, too…Just as in my second  novella,  the character Connie is so “nice” to her  fantasy hero Xavier  that she doesn’t tell him what she really thinks…until it’s just too much and she lets him have it.

Ironically in my job situation, I got a real bonus:the larger organization has granted me a  three month paid leave because of how, in the end, it all worked out…. And I have to admit–that I’m more and more grateful for that leave. Right now I’m still working–supposedly on a limited basis–and my experience of this job is that this  isn’t a real possibility. There’s just too much happening and I know for myself–I don’t just seem to have it in me to let anything go, especially as things seem to be there as simply being there as part of the job. Now–the question is: is it me? I do get worked up and quite possibly  end up expending energy that makes everything much more difficult. On the other hand, I like the idea of actually being “present” with the people I work, and investing myself  in the projects I have in front of me And my experience is that these days–there isn’t the time to do things in this way, not with the number things that are there to do. Instead it seems that –the more I do the better;the quality of it–doesn’t matter. Or if it does: I can’t imagine being the kind of person who has the time  and energy to be present, and give everything the attention it deserves…especially if I want to have time to sleep, pay my bills, etc….
Sounds like an idea for a story–the creation of the real superman/superwoman–a  being who does all the things that come at that her/him efficiently and with heart…24/7…for of course there’s no end to the projects, activities, things that “need” to be done…  It’s almost as if we believe that the more we come up to do–maybe the more” bases we have covered”– the safer we will be

I’m not likely to write the story about the creation of the superhuman–though I do like the idea he/she actually breaks down because there is no limit  to the number of projects that can be thought up–there’ll always be just one more needed–to make us “safe”…And this whole theme of how we work–and why–is one I feel strongly about; and I can see it coming out in yet another novella. That’s why I’m thinking about a series… using the Kooteani Brown format –with interesting characters in fantasy and real scenarios– to address what for me are some basic questions about life as we live it… 

Just some thoughts

M.C. Piper







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