Cultivating the whimsical …

It’s been awhile since I blogged. Ironically, now that I’m on leave from my “day job” I find myself blogging less, not more. That could be because I am looking for another position which I do find stressful. I don’t like not knowing where I will be even living in a few months time…and it’s not as if I don’t have options. I have had some “bites” which could result in some interviews; and if nothing happens right away, I can always make arrangements for the summer months, and decide where to go from here. I love the idea that the Chinese character for crisis his made up of danger and opportunity. I can so easily focus on what I perceive to be the danger, and not experience excitement, even anticipation about where this could lead. I know I’m never going to be the same after this–and I believe– the change will be for the better…

Which of course fits in very well in my fiction writing…The idea that the protagonist, Connie, can get so mired down in fear (discovering how rigid she is when she is); and discovering what she needs to learn from one or more of her fantasy characters is that sense of adventure, of stepping out into the unknown to see where it will lead. The opportunity side of crisis.

Of course, I find that can be easier said than done. Right now I find that I can even do my writing being driven (by fear). That is, now I have all this time surely I “should” get as much of my novella done as possible. So I push myself and my writing process to try to “get it done.”

Now I realize how important it is to actually write. I’ve always been able to come up with all sorts of creative story ideas–I love the process. And I realize that to put flesh and bone on the story–to make it, and the characters, come alive requires detailed work It’s not the whimsical part of the process–it’s the “getting down to it” part of the process and for me that’s definitely work. And it does have its payoff. I’m meeting with my writing consultant at noon today, and I have a nice piece of work to go over…and I’m excited about…

But still, part of me is frustrated. I want to cultivate whimsical and creative in my writing as well. And certainly there are times in writing my novella that I experience the whimsical…and that isn’t enough…I want to give myself permission to get away from my “serious writing”…and just–go with flow, have some fun…

I’m surprised at how structured I am and how hard that is for me to do…

Just some thoughts. Thanks for reading.

M.C. Piper


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