Writing as a cathartic experience

I’m taking a pause from working on my current novella as I’m still having the problem of feeling “driven”. That is all this time(I’m currently on leave from my job) and I need to get as much done on it as possible while I can. It’s not that there aren’t “good” reasons for this–my leave ends at the end of June, and I won’t be returning to my present position. That means finding another job and also a major move. And I do have applications out there–this morning I got my first interview–so there’s a lot going on that I can obsess about. And part of the idea about my writing is…that’s one thing I enjoy, the one thing I can have fun with…

But it’s easy for me to lose sight of the reasons I’m writing when I focus on getting the “finished product” out there–i.e. as a second novella on Kindle. For me, one the ideas of the genre I’ve decided to work with is that it’s a way that I can process what’s going on in my life in a fun creative even healing way. Travelling between the work world of the protagonist and her fantasy world allows me to explore issues that come up in my own work life. Not that what I come up with is what I always want to hear. A comment that my writing consultant made about my current protagonist, Connie–made me consider: was I really that way? And I have to own–yes, I was; and then look at my part in what was going on. But that’s good, too. It’s all part of the healing.

Recently, though I’ve been trying to “streamline” the process. That is, leave out a character that I feel the need to keep in and write about because it “makes sense” story wise to integrate her into another character. I realize that I need to “chill out”, keep her in at present, and let myself be more creative/intuitive about the whole process. The novella will get done when it gets done.
Meanwhile I want to enjoy the process, and let it carry me, not attempt to control it.

Just some thoughts

M.C. Piper


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