If a tree falls in the forest…

I haven’t blogged for awhile as life has been getting in the way; and the writing time such that I have, I’ve spent trying to finish the first draft of my second novella. It’s coming and the reality for me on this first draft I’ve had to consider going back and– at least in my mind– doing some revision, and adding some additional details, etc. for the climax to take shape.

And not surprising the climax (at least at this point) involves the protagonist Connie’s passion for writing and what that means–when the world doesn’t seem all that interested. Is the old question: if a tree falls in the forest, does it make a noise if no-one hears it?

Of course, in my novella–I say: yes. It all matters–as every thing we do matters, affecting everything around us. And so I have one of the mystical characters, Bre’en decipher an ancient text:

“Hear the words of earth’s scared text…You are a part of the soul around you, a particle of stardust that separates out for a time.
Whatever dances in you dances in me. I embrace it as I embrace you…I give you your place. Whatever you do, you leave your mark, your trace on my soul, upon the tapestry of all that there is.”

Pretty mystical compared to the rest of the story. And yet I like the idea that on that basis, Connie can go forward, doing whatever writing she feels called to–without worrying about it’s validity , based on other’s response or rather non-response.

Of course, someone could say–it’s just wishful thinking.

And in the end, my only response is maybe– I’m just a pragmatist.

To me this perspective/belief allows Connie (and by extension myself) to value my writing and get on with my life in a way that just might work, even be fulfilling.

I believe it was William James who said: “Religion is what works.”

And this is what works for me, maybe that’s what really matters.

Just some thoughts

M.C. Piper


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