It’s been a while… and writing is re-writing..

To say it’s been a while…is an understatement! Last entry–June 8th…’Course I have my reasons…a major move to another province (similar to moving states)…and then a job situation that turned out to be different than I thought it was (I didn’t ask, and they didn’t tell)… so a lot has been going on…

And through it all I did “hang on” to my writing–that is, working on my next novella and checking in as much as I could with my writing consultant Julie.

And I thought– with a three month job leave– surely I would be able to get a close-to final draft of my next novella done. Not so.

My novella is one of a the “Kootenai Brown” series–where a Trickster character allows the protagonist–via a computer– to enter her fantasy world–where she longs to escape to, given what’s going on around her. Only she quickly discovers that in many ways the fantasy world just doesn’t fit. When she comes back to her world, her fantasy hero and some of the other characters come back with her. The interactions between the the characters and the two worlds allow the protagonist to discover what she needs to “be all she can be…and let the world know”…which she is supposedly is teaching her clients, but which she really needs to learn herself…

In my second novella–at the moment entitled “Agincourt”–I’ve done one major re-write, and thought: “This is it!” only to feel very strongly a sense of let down after the protagonist returns from the fantasy world–where there’s so much happening, a real sense of story. That just isn’t there–when she goes back to her real world.

So back to re-writing. I had a great session with Julie about possible ways to go…and struggling to find some enthusiasm to do the re-writing. I know that it’s a great opportunity to have the dynamism of the fantasy hero come alive in Connie’s world (which seems to be lacking now)…and I struggle with–where to start how to do it…The truth is that I’d like to just get it done..and my experience is that re-writing involves taking one step at a time…often doing more character development and back story work in order to know what the character would really be about in the situation…

It could be a lot of fun, quite satisfying… if I could only think of it that way…

Just some thoughts

M.C. Piper


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