It’s been awhile…and the myth of the lone writer..

NobelChampion300dpi_3125x4167 (4)

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on this blog–I feel embarrassed to admit how long…And of course, I have my “reasons” –not enough time to work, write, and  blog.  By “write” I mean work on my second novella. It seems that getting time in to spend on that is enough of a challenge, let alone do any other writing…I’m sure this is  a dilemma that most writers face…and many still make the commitment to the blogging/online writing community that I obviously haven’t…

For that reason, I wouldn’t be comfortable going on and on about my new novella. Suffice to say it’s not on Kindle yet;(though edited and ready to go); that the picture on this blog is the cover; and it’s the second in what-I-hope to be a “Kootenai Brown” series, a humorous fantasy series, set in the high tech  Kootenai Brown Personal Advertising where they work towards people “..becoming all they can be…and letting the world know…”…with  humorous, often unpredictable results.

I love my writing–it is a true joy.And I’m aware of how much work it really is. And how I work in isolation. Now I need to say immediately that I don’t work alone.  I have a great  writing consultant, Julie Rodriguez; and I check in with her every other week. I am so aware that without her feedback and editing skills I would never have completed the two novellas (and a short story)–at least not in the form that I could put out there for someone to read.  I suspect that the myth of the lone writer is just that..a myth…and the online community of writers/bloggers is also an important part of the writing process…which I have, alas, only dabbled in…It’s certainly my loss…

Just some thoughts

M.C. Piper


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