The writing process…one step at a time..

I’m always saying re: my blog,  it’s been a long time…I feel embarrassed to repeat it–as it’s true that it is a choice. I could blog more regularly; and I chose to spend whatever writing time I have–working on my  novella series…With some success, I guess.  I have just  published my second novella in the Kootenai Brown series–“WANTED NOBLE CHAMPION:INTEGRITY INTACT” on Kindle. I doubt if I’ll sell  many copies.  And the process of writing/editing it–just getting it up to the stage that I felt comfortable  “putting it out there” –that in itself is important to me.

Right now, I’ve started a third novella: “WANTED ILLUSTRIOUS ANCESTOR: COURAGE REQUIRED”.  It involves a K.B. client–Amelia–who, using  the latest Kootenai Brown technology, has the opportunity to live out her fantasy–to the point of having it spill out into her real world. The whole experience teaches her to …”become all she can be…and let the world know”–the things that KB promises. (… and which the employees can also learn…depending on  how far they’re willing to go… there definitely is a very successful  ‘business’ layer to KB, and option to go deeper…which  is the client/employee’s choice…)

In fact, the Kooteani Brown Advertising is becoming a character in itself. I have all sorts of ideas about the workings of the Agency–its background and who Kootenai Brown really is. And my “goal” is to put up a “Kootenai Brown Personal Advertising Agency” website where all these details will be drawn  out…lots of fun…!

Meanwhile, it feels right for me to start the third novella. As usual, it’s based on something that has caught my attention in my  “real life” –something that wouldn’t exist in a fantasy world of my–or the protagonist, Amelia’s– choosing…And–as usual  in the world of KB–it’s  interplay between the Amelia’s fantasy world, and her  real world– that in the end  gives Amelia what she needs..

I’m becoming aware…my writing process is very much one step at time…and I do want to commit myself to be more present, blogging and being open to others’ blogs…

Just some thoughts

M.C. Piper


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