Not the new “young” writer…’cause I’m old(er)

I haven’t been on this blog for so long…9 months as a matter of fact…and part of the reason is  time–I do work a ‘day job’ and I have enough trouble getting time to work on my novella–the  third  and last– in the Kootenai  Brown  series, let alone  spending time blogging.

The other reason is  admittedly self centered. There are so many blogs about writing ‘out there’ I find myself asking: Is anybody out there reading this? The only comments I have ever received are from someone I already knew–not from someone who, inspired by what I wrote on the blog,  feel compelled to comment.  Of course, I don’t comment on other people’s blogs either–don’t have the time. So why should I expect others to comment on mine?… Definitely something missing here!

I also talked to my (excellent!) writing  consultant, Julie Rodriguez,  about blogging, and we got into the area of  what makes a blog unique–some theme/idea that  grabs a hold of  you and could be of interest to others.  Immediately I came up with: getting into writing–admittedly a life long passion –when I’m older.  I became especially conscious of this when someone would talk about the newest young writer, realizing that I could never be that as I’m hardly young. And I must admit I would wonder: “Where does that put me in the ‘writing game’?”… Maybe it really is too late to start and get anywhere.

Of course,  the question is: what do I mean by “get(ting) anywhere” ?  I’m old enough to be able to access some pension  income, but it’s not enough to live on — at least not at the moment; and so I need to supplement it.   My   ideal would be that I could supplement it with my fiction writing. And so far–I’ve completed two novellas, the final draft  of third, and written a short story.  Compared to other writers’ output –that seems to be a drop in the bucket. And Julie has told me–that I’m ahead of a lot of people who have the dream to write and never get as far as finishing one project.

Also I want to do good writing–not just rush through things–so I do take my time.

And just  having Julie as my writing consultant has meant that I’ve put my writing ‘out there’ in the way that I never have before.  I certainly feel ‘heard’ when I talk to her about my writing; and her feedback has been invaluable. Without it, there is no way I would completed the writing I have.  I certainly  wouldn’t have  put out the first  two novellas  on Kindle.

I’m also aware that I would like to  write the first novella  (WANTED PASSIONATE HERO:Experience Preferred) in play form. I believe it could make a fun musical  (with someone else doing the music!)  And there is a  Drama department in a small university in the area; and I’m going to contact them to see what help  they could provide to help me in  doing this.

And so I guess –for the time being–I need to simply put one foot in front of another. I can appreciate the ways that I’ve already put it ‘out there’, and the support that I continue to receive through that.   I can  also do foot work  around other ways/forms of putting my writing  ‘ out there’; and go with whatever ones that seem to work.

My “dream” of being able to supplement my income by my fiction writing may or may not come to be. I don’t believe I can force it. I can simply do the next right thing, and see where that takes me.

And that’s plenty for now!

Just some thoughts

M.C. Piper









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