A Modest Book Launch


I’m surprising downbeat for what should be a Book Launch.

I finally have my third and last novella  in the Koootenai Brown series  “WANTED ILLUSTRIOUS ANCESTOR: Legacy Legendary ”  on  Kindle.   For me that is a major achievement.  It represents hours of writing and  re-writing, of  putting flesh and blood characters in concrete situations with all the details needed for them–and the story –to come alive   I   had Julie Rodriguez  work with me on it–what a gift!–and edit it  for me.  I also revised the first two  in order to fit them into the   series, and had Julie  created new covers for them.

Julie often encourages me: lots of people talk about writing but few people actually get around  to completing something.  She’s also told  me about  people sending her material-that  they think a one time edit on her part will be enough for the story to be published on Kindle.   And the truth is that it’s  nowhere near being ready to be published. I can identify with that.  I have such  a great story in my head–surely just putting it down in the form it comes to me is all I need to do.  Of course, it isn’t.

And so fiction  writing is definitely  work. So why do it?

Because it feeds my soul in a way nothing else does.  Somehow in creating the story, I come alive,  learning what I need to know  about my life in the process.   I suspect I’m not alone in this: it may be why most people write.

Of course, I could simply go through the process for myself–not worrying if anyone else reads it. Some people do.

Yet, I also have a desire to “put it out there”.  So here I am– publishing  these novellas on Kindle  in hope that someone else might read them.

Now that in itself  is a whole other project. There’s so many  books out there–that to get anyone interested in  even looking at them–is a project in itself.

In fairness, most people are incredibly busy these days; and to ask them to take their time to consider reading my novellas  may be asking  a lot.
But   I enjoyed writing the series; and  I do believe that other people may enjoy reading it.  So I likely will   do some things to promote  the series–some footwork around getting it  out there to people who might just  experience them as a “good read”

After all, the three stories  address our desire to sometimes live in the fantasy world of our imagination.

The three of them  centre on Kootenai  Brown Personal Advertising Agency  where the three  protagonists–Marcy, Connie and Amelia–all have the opportunity  to enter their  Fantasy worlds…only to discover the imagined worlds  don’t  provide the simple  comforting solution it was thought they would … but rather something more…

it’s certainly a theme that strikes a deep cord with me…and I’m hoping that some others may get something out of it as well

Just some thoughts

M.C. Piper











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