The need to stretch further

I never thought of myself as one who has writer’s block ; and yet after speaking to my writing consultant, Julie., on Saturday, I felt blocked.  I had a setting, with characters and a theme. I’ve decided to write  a modern ghost story–with the very haunting theme of violence against women… (Please forgive the pun…but for me the word “haunting” is appropriate  as the fact that women–being one myself–would put themselves into a position to be harmed even killed by a partner does haunt me)..

This made even real  someone I respect for her wisdom and kindness  could herself become  a potential victim of violence from a  soon to be ex-spouse.  I say “potential” because although the “signs” are there…nothing has happened, or may happen…She’s choosing to live her life believing that it won’t…and who am I say she’s wrong?

Yet, it’s the kind of  incident that throws me back on my fiction writing. Creating story a story around  what’s up for me gets me in touch with my deepest feelings;  and I have a sense of “Ah..Ah!” in a transforming way,  that touches my inner being.

And so I set up a story where the protagonist Suzanne, herself coming from an abusive relationship,  doesn’t know to do with her mentor Belle’s revelations.  It so happens that they are with a group in an old hotel; and  Suzanne quickly befriends  Meg, whom she takes to be a rather oddly dressed member of the Hotel staff.

Meg has her own  story  of violence against her–and seems to be unfolding parallel to Belle’s  situation…although when she’s actually killed,  it become obvious that she’s a ghost. What happens in Belle’s situation is more up in the air…

And typically I’m finding that to go where I need to go–I need to go further in writing the story…

The three male characters at present all represent different–yet similar–aspects of abuse. I need to create at least one sympathetic male character  in both  Meg’s and in Belle’s world… not only to be fair (I hate  it when women are stereotyped; I don’t want to do that to men.)….but also–more selfishly–because  that’s the only way the full story can be told…the only way that I can have the “Ah Ah” moment….that leads me to what’s most true for me: fiction writing feeds my soul in the way nothing else does…

Something that I am priveledged with other writers

Just some thoughts

M.C. Piper


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