Shifting out of complacency creatively

I imagine that lots of people feel the same way I do:

that somehow with Donald Trump’s election as US President there’s been a shift… things that I thought would never happen…are happening…

And I’ve had to come to the realization–that I was comfortably coasting in many ways–thinking things would remain basically the same and now…what?

But the situation is not all bad. It makes me realize how like a lot of people I wanted to believe that I can just go along with what is, and everything will be fine.

I guess it’s a human tendency to want to believe that I all I have to do is put one foot in front of another and trust that the right things are in place–so I don’t have to step outside my comfort zone. But even before Nov 8–that was an illusion…

I just listened to the C.B.C (Canadian) news–and no mention of Donald Trump. Not that they don’t mention him regularly–they do. But the truth is that there is SO much more going on in the world…the horrific situation in Aleppo…I don’t even have words for it…and the fact that Britain is waking up to the reality of full scale sexual abuse of young men who were simply trying to get a foot hold in their beloved game of soccer..

Such news reminds we how as humans can overlook so much–in attempt to stay inside our comfort zone.

And I have to admit: I’m no exception.

I suspect that it was a luxury I could indulge in because though I’ve had my challenges I’ve basically avoided the worse of the violence–I’ve never lived in a war zone; always had a place to live, food on the table;never been sexually abused. I can talk about the emotional abuse I’ve suffered; and I’m basically in one piece, with fairly good health; and, if anything, I’m getting more time to write fiction (my passion) and work on my emotional/spiritual healing than ever before.

But now–I’ve been shaken up…and my first resource– is as usual my fiction writing…

This week I did come up with a new story idea…”Dead End Cafe” a story in the old Twilight Zone style…The Cafe includes unsettling group of characters who are referred to as the Cartel; and who talk about and are followers of “The Ronald” (sorry I can’t be any more original than that–at the moment!)…and whose rise to power–they revel in, and boast about their part in it…including the manipulation of social media with fake news,etc.

The protagonist is Kathy, a waitress at the Cafe who supports herself by working at the Cafe. Like nearly everybody else, Kathy has accepted that her security rests in remaining in the cafe. She believes that outside the Cafe she will not survive–no job, no way to even begin to take care of her physical needs. It’s a terrifying place

So she works there, wanting to believe that–after all–she can have some influence over the powerful who come there…

There are at least two other characters–who even wander in from the outside…
One of which is…a young woman who has been through the worse possible
things that the world outside the Cafe can do…though it becomes increasingly obvious that what happened to her–was more the doing of the Cartel–or at least–their murky antecedents…

And so, she urges an increasingly terrified Kathy to step outside of the Cafe…for the world as dangerous as it may seem–is also beautiful…for after all it is the world as it really is, the only world that we as human beings can be part of..

As usual my fiction writing gives me a way of dealing with situations in a way that’s creative, and helps me see through it to a more hopeful place…

Just some thoughts

M.C. Piper


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