Reflections…on needing to write stories…and what it means…

Ironically I’m thinking about starting another writing blog (…I’m sure–it’s permissible to have more than one writing blog!) because well–I don’t seem to get a lot of hits–the only comments I’ve ever received was from a person I knew personally who read the blog after actually talking to me…and I’m aware that I don’t blog consistently and rarely if ever comment on others what do I expect?…Someone who would immediately recognize my brilliance; and just have to respond. I’m afraid I have to admit–that in my initial arrogance–I may have indeed felt that way…

Also I have a short story “Strumpet Towers” which my writing consultant suggested could be put on WATTPAD as a format that might get people to read it more readily. And I’m aware I could put it on this blog too if there’s a format for it (it’s 31 pages). I’m sure there’s no rule against having it on as many blogs as I want to have it on!

And the reason I’m on this blog today is that I feel the need to reflect on some writing I’m doing and why.
As I’ve mentioned I use my fiction writing as a way to creatively process what’s going on in my life–often things that could get me down. But when I put in story form, with flesh and blood characters acting it out –the situation not only becomes less daunting; but it takes on a life of its own, often with humor, and with insights–and even healing–that I just don’t experience anywhere else.
“Strumpet Towers” was written in reaction to Donald Trump being elected as U.S. president. Now I’m ready to go on..though it’s hard to totally let go as of course it’s an ongoing saga…

And right now my story I’m working on is “Buffalo Springs”

The protagonist is Suzanne, whose life is a total mess after her husband,a disgraced psychologist, named Oliver commits suicide. Suzanne seeks help from Belle, an elderly healer teacher mentor who has a community that gathers every summer at an old hotel called “Buffalo Springs”. Belle is working–with the help of the community–to restore and create it  into a healing centre. Belle has helped Suzanne so much in the past… So much so Suzanne is not sure what to do with her discomfort with what’s going on.

More specifically Belle begins to talk about her relationship with her much younger husband Malcolm; She’s given him chance after chance to heal–as she sees beyond his addictions to who he really is. But the problem is that  though he seems to go through the motions he’s never really changed…Most  recently he’s denied he’s even an addict; he’s actively using( including porn) ; and admits to having  fantasies of violence against her… Belle feel safe though; that because of  her personal power–she can handle it…Suzanne isn’t so sure…

Meanwhile in the midst of all of this, Suzanne meets Meg, who she takes to be one of the staff but who in reality is a ghost who is from the time when Buffalo Springs was a brothel…(I write Fantasy/Humouros / often Ghost stories)…Meg has no memory of her death or why it happened. She is open to the world of the present–ecstatic about the renovations that are being made to the Hotel–and yet she also lives her life out with her boyfriend, Johnny Bright. Suzanne can what happening in Meg’s world; and she begins to witness Meg, a hopeless romantic, fall in love with who she thinks Johnny Bright is, and could be; meanwhile excusing more and more his violence against…which leads to her ultimate death.

..Of course, the situation with Belle and Malcolm doesn’t descend into such a neat scenario…it still could…and Suzanne is left with the question: what if–like Johnny Bright–Malcolm is just a con artist–a psychopath even– who has no real sense of connection with anyone outside of himself–and who’s using the community and Belle as a way of financial/material support..

After all Belle has a fair amount of money; and being her spouse guarantees material comfort–employment; a place to live; opportunities to travel etc. and a certain amount of prestige within the community…What if he’s never had any intention to do his work and heal, only pretend to…and now more  dependent on Belle than ever, he’s becoming  increasingly angry–possibly to the point of violence–when he fears all this could be taken away.

Maybe what Belle saw when she looked at Malcolm was no more more real than what Meg saw when she looked at Johnnie..

Of course I realize–this is looking at the worse case scenario…and that’s okay too. Maybe I need to go there–in my attempt  to get some perspective…

It also makes for a good story.

Just some thoughts

M.C. Piper



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