“The plans of mice and men…(and women writers too!)…”

As usual lately, I feel I need to begin with an apology, as I haven’t  been blogging in any consistent way over the past while.  Of course, I have my reasons: a major move, job change, and “all hell broke lose” on my job recently.  What happened was something that happens every once in awhile as a matter of course.  It made me think of the expression: “the plans of mice and men (and also women writers!)…” I can’t remember if there’s any more to the actual expression…and the gist of it–is that not only do plans sometimes not work out; but that–in the scheme of things–they may even be irrelevant…

Another intriguing theme for a novella…

I’m also feeling that way about my writing. I’ve given the latest draft of my second novella to a colleague of my writing consultant to read. Julie suggested that I needed a fresh pair of eyes to read it: even she felt that she knew it too well to be able to say what someone coming to it “cold” would make of it. The truth is that when I got that leave from work in the spring, I thought: at least, I’ll be able to finish the final draft for “Agincourt” (the working title). And that hasn’t happened–not in the succinct way I wanted. I hear myself chiding: Surprise! Surprise! I know intellectually that writing is re-writing and that it takes the time that’s needed. I’m also aware that my second novella is more complex than the first; and that the fantasy hero, Xavier, needs more “flushing out” than the lovable cowboy hero, Trace Gallant of my first one. Trace and his fantasy world comes from a simpler time and the novella reflects that.
So it’s not surprising that “Agincourt” isn’t coming together as easily as it did. And I agree with Julie: a fresh pair of eyes are needed–just to get a sense of how “Agincourt” comes across to someone who hasn’t spent all this time on it. I also agree with her–maybe it’s time to let go of “Agincourt” for awhile so that I can come back to it with fresh eyes, too.

And I resist! It’s not that I don’t have other story ideas–I’m always coming up with the thought: “that would make a good story!”
And have more story ideas that I’ll ever know what to do with. But–darn it!–I want to finish “Agincourt”. I want to get it “out there”– the second in a series of novellas, etc.

And I’m sure I will get it “out there.”

But a little patience, a willingness to let of my timeline, to let go of even working on it for awhile–seems like a good idea.

Maybe I just need start working on something else…

Just some thoughts

M.C. Piper


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